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My name is Kiara, I am a 27 year-old Aussie Arts graduate.  I won permanent residency for the United States also known as a 'green card' in the annual Diversity Visa Lottery 2014.  I am extremely lucky to have won. The odds of winning are super slim.  

I told my mum when I was 6 years old that I would live in America when I was older. During high school I wanted to go on student exchange but my mum (maybe I should say mom now?) did not agree. Obviously I was devastated, so I decided I would apply to nanny after finishing school.  These still, were only temporary options.  As it turns out, I decided to stay and go to University. I figured I would be more marketable with a degree and some good working experience behind me.  Knowing how difficult it was to obtain a visa that allows for almost unrestricted opportunities for residency, length of stay and working, I found the DV Lottery. I was so excited.  

I applied, won, and I am now on the path to following my dreams!


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“Your visa is approved today, good luck in the United States”
— Consulate Officer
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