One Week

It is exactly one week today until I go for my interview.

Still no signs of my passport or medical, it's time to start freaking out.

I called about my medical and it will be ready to collect tomorrow. Relief!

I next called about my passport that had been sitting as 'posted' for almost two weeks. They said I should definitely have it by now. Hello!!!! More panic.

They gave me the tracking number (I don't know why they don't include that on the online portal - would save so much worry) and it was sitting at the post office.

How could this be? I checked my letterbox 100 times a day waiting for the slip to pick it up, it just never came.

I called Aus post and it was sitting there, and had been for three days. Thanks for telling me.

I went straight to the post office, picked it up, checked everything was correct and put my heart back in my chest where it belongs.