Not so bad

The 15 hour non stop MELB > LA isn't so bad. The plane itself is huge, the qantas concierge hooked us up with a row to ourselves. Although the arm rests don't retreat all the way, meaning I couldn't even lie down anyway!


Basically I got no sleep on the flight, I did eat, a lot. 

It was so thrilling flying into LA, from the plane I could see the Hollywood sign! I had a little tear of excitement.


Immigration was a little scary, asking me all about my plans. Nothing to fear. I'll talk about that more when I update the "arriving in the states" page. 

The traffic from the airport to downtown was hectic, it took forever. When we finally got to the hotel to drop our bags, still couldn't check in for another 6 hours. 

Finally, I'm lying down for for the first time since we left and planning to have a solid nap before heading out tonight. 

Oh yeah, and it's super hot and sticky. 

LA is nuts.

Here's a quick video. Notice the big black bags under my eyes!