The Final Fee & Realising I'm an 'alien'.

Amid my excitement of the whole process coming together and counting down the days until I fly into LAX for the first time I completely forgot about an email I had received from the consulate the day after my interview. A very, important email. I was reminded by a friend who went through this process 6 months ago.

It explained the final steps required before departing Australia. An immigration fee of $165US and registering for a USCIS ELIS account (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services - Electronic Immigration System).  

Once this fee is paid and you enter the US, your physical 'plastic' green card is posted. This is super exciting! And thats it! The final monetary cost of this long, but extremely worth it process.

I also had a giggle at the fact that I am now an 'alien',

I am so happy to have this all come together. 

20 DAYS!