3 Months

I left the comfort of Australia and moved to the other side of the world three months ago today!

Two flights, 21 hours, waiting, driving. Finally Arriving.

It's only been three months and I've done so much!

Driving was my first hurdle, driving on the right is completely weird. But no one ever tells you about the "Yield" signs and how the hell the "Rotary" (roundabouts) work. I drove 6 hours to Maine, solo, on my second ever driving experience. Now i'm driving for hours a day with my busy schedule and it's natural. I've only had one brain fuzz and pulled out on to the left ha! I've navigated all of the streets and rarely need the GPS!

I took a 12 hour train ride with two kids from New York City to South Carolina, which was kinda hell. Thank god the return flight wasn't cancelled. I spent five weeks in Maine, swimming, sailing and boating. Catching up on that summer sun we didn't have at home.

I nailed the subway (after being flashed) and can almost seamlessly get around. New York City is incredible. I went to an Australian bakery on the hunt for my beloved lamington's. They were sold out, but you can order online!

I've spent countless hours in the supermarket with language barriers. I ran out of milo and tim tams (which you can buy here, but they taste awful). American chocolate is disgusting. Hershey's is criminal. I'm hanging out for a block or a dozen of Cadbury's. I've shared my vegemite, safe to say I think that will last me a while.

And it's only been three months. Life in America!